Monthly Archives: March 2016

Love for Eden

Nicki’s Diapers has teamed up with Jake’s Diapers again to help get cloth diapers on the bottoms of children around the world who need them.  Eden is a young child in India who recently benefited from a Jake’s Diapers donation. Her foster mom sent this note of thanks:

Hello! I am attaching pictures of Eden, one of the little girls wearing cloth diapers that we got in our most recent shipment from you.

Eden is 1.5 years old and is fully blind (bilateral anophthalmia) and profoundly deaf. Eden is a candidate for cochlear implants and later this month (Feb 20) she is having surgery to receive bilateral cochlear implants. We are excited to see how this is going to change Eden’s life! Eden is one of our children that we just recently transitioned over to cloth diapers. She is not yet fully sponsored, so this means that we don’t have enough money coming in to care for all her needs.

Being able to save money on disposable diapers (which are expensive!) means that we can pay for Eden’s other needs without going into debt at the end of the month or without falling short and not being able to give her all we want. Eden is a silly girl who likes doing “yoga” – posing upside down on the floor and kicking her legs around! Please pray for her as she heads into surgery, that there will be no infection and that the surgery will be successful so Eden will be able to hear for the first time! We are so grateful to everyone who has provided cloth diapers to SCH so that we can better care for Eden and the other little ones she lives with.

24958494615_14ea8e5d17_o Eden II