Monthly Archives: January 2016

Nicki’s Diapers teams up with Jake’s Diapers!

This fall Hope, Love, Care partnered with Jake’s Diapers, a local Wisconsin non-profit, to help them provide diapers for babies and children in need across the United States and world. Each time Jake’s Diapers receives an application for a “Diaper Drop” they begin planning based on the specific needs of the children at that location. For each Diaper Drop, suitcases are packed with cloth diaper resources such as covers, prefolds, inserts, cloth wipes, and wet bags and personally delivered to the organization in need.

Stephanie Bowers, co-founder and President of Jake’s Diapers, had the following to say about the work they do. “Each application we receive for another Diaper Drop brings tears to our eyes. It is our hope and prayer that one by one, we will make a difference. It can be overwhelming, but we choose to help those we can, one cloth diaper at a time.”

This fall, in addition to donating many items to Jake’s Diapers, Nicki’s Diapers were also able to raise $1000 through the auction of Jack, Jill, and Orange Spooky.  One of Jake’s Diapers fundraising events was a diaper gala. As attendees entered the gala, they will welcomed with a Diaper Packing Station. Attendees helped pack kits, like the ones pictures below, for U.S. recipients.

For more information on Jake’s Diapers or how you can be involved, visit or check them out on Facebook.